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Welcome to our corporate lawyers in Bogotá service specializing in providing legal solutions for your business. We are dedicated to offering external legal advice, allowing companies to focus on their core operations without worrying about intricate legal matters that may arise

What do our corporate lawyer services for businesses entail?

Our highly qualified team takes care of the legal details, allowing you to delegate with confidence. At Cortázar Urdaneta & Cía – Lawyers, we’re here to streamline and safeguard your interests, providing personalized and efficient service in corporate law and corporate advisory.

Portfolio of Services

Customized Legal Solutions: Lawyers Available 5 Days a Week, Hourly Services, and Legal Document Drafting

Abogados reunidos con empresarios

Outsourced Corporate Lawyers in Bogotá

  • Unlimited consultations for addressing daily legal queries and providing continuous guidance.
  • Customized contract drafting and review, encompassing terms and conditions.
  • Expert counsel on labor law, covering dispute resolution and litigation.
  • Ensuring legal compliance and crafting internal policies.
  • Proactive identification and mitigation of legal risks.
  • Representation in commercial negotiations and dispute resolution.
  • Consultation on company establishment and dissolution.
  • Review and guidance on local and international regulatory compliance.
  • Legal representation in civil and commercial proceedings and litigation.

Flexible Hourly Legal Services for Companies

  • Tailored legal consultations and advice, billed strictly by time utilized.
  • Contract drafting and review, priced based on hours dedicated.
  • Labor law guidance, litigation management, with transparent hourly rates.
  • Legal compliance evaluation, internal policy crafting, with flexible fees.
  • Proactive legal risk identification, mitigation, paying per dedicated time.
  • Negotiation, dispute resolution, transparent representation, with clear costs.
  • Business advisory, intellectual property protection, billed hourly.
  • Regulatory compliance review, custom program development, hourly billing.
  • Legal representation in proceedings, litigation, rates based on work performed.

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